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They won’t pound it as shortly as they may need before. ABM Bottle is in a splendid mint situation without a chip, cracks, dings, or stain. No chips, cracks, dings, or stains. That is in a super mint situation with no chips, cracks, dings, or stains. A good giant poison bottle in super mint condition. Nice light olive green color glass. PN-22A bottle second from left KH-sixteen identical as above but In a pleasant bright yellow-green shade. The bottle is second from the left in the images. The bottle is on the far proper in the pictures. That is the largest dimension of this fashion bottle. PN-18C KH-15: identical as above but a hundred mil size. Unlisted in this dimension!

ABM bottle is the biggest dimension in the set at 1000 mil. PN-18A KH-15: identical as above but 500 mils. You must also go to not less than two printers and look at their pattern books to get an idea of what’s accessible. A gentle interior haze or dirt does exist, largely in two panels. Container of mild yogurt in your favorite taste with toast. A nice giant poison bottle. An exquisite bottle with first-class heavy embossing and six very large skulls & crossbones! A beautiful bottle with nice embossing, wavy glass, and 6 good skulls & crossbones! This can be a Swiss / German poison bottle. The bottle is in mint condition with no chips, cracks, or dings.