Want To Invest In Tgb Stock? – Learn More about The Company

Taseko Mines Limited Company is a mining company. The Company is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and production of the metals, and also the activities related to the mining that may include exploration, mine development. This company works well within the province of British Columbia, the state of Arizona, and the United States. It is mainly projecting and working on projects that may represent a huge variety of metals, including metals like gold, niobium, and copper. The Company all operates in the asset that is called Gibraltar Mine. This is a copper-molybdenum mine that is located in south-central British Columbia.

The Company owns the New Prosperity gold-copper, Aley niobium, Florence copper, and also Harmony gold projects. The Harmony gold project is located in Graham Island situated on the west coast of British Columbia’s. The Aley niobium project is situated in northern British Columbia. The Florence Copper project is situated midway between Tucson and Phoenix that is close to the community of Florence. The company also owns the Yellowhead Project. This project is located in British Columbia.

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The report highlights the company

  • The project of Gibraltar is award-winning. It has won the prestigious award of John Ash in years 2014, 2016, and 2918.
  • The company has planted over 76,000 trees and 202,000 shrubs since 2004.
  • The company is known for saving 238,000,000 kilowatts of energy. This effort started in 2014.
  • Gibraltar Mine has spent more than $321 million on supply goods and services.
  • They have issued $6.5 million in charitable giving starting from 2011. Thus may include the fields of art, culture, child education, health, research, and various other community programs.
  • Gibraltar employees, as well as the company, have donated $785,000.
  • The company continues to work towards the goal and at the same time it shows utmost dedication to all the employees and works in employee safety, environmental protection. They also deliver social value and promote more sustainable development.

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