Wife Swallow From Gloryhole at Night Club

One night my wife Lisa and I went to a couple of clubs. We rented a room in a nearby motel, so we didn’t have to drive after getting drunk. We’ve been to clubs like this before, but this isn’t the case. We are not swingers but often enjoy the “adult” type of fun.

Lisa wore a very short black dress. It was a very low-cut halter-style dress tied behind her neck and showing off her gorgeous 38D boobs. The hem of her dress was probably 6 inches above her knees … that is, barely down to cover her ass and pussy. Underneath, she wore a small, thin black G-string that barely covered her shaved crotch. The laces on the back were so small that they looked naked.

I arrived at the club around 10 o’clock. There were some couples there, but they were never full. There was a table near the dance floor, and I lifted it with rails around the floor. The club was bigger than the other clubs we went to, and there were other differences. The majority of couples in this club were black. There were one or two mixed couples and some other white couples, but most were black.

We were there for about an hour when the place started to fill up. Our waitress continued to do our drink and did a great job. Lisa was drinking Crown & 7, and I was drinking beer. We both had regular shooters, so it was pretty busy by the time the club was almost full.

We got up and danced to a few songs. The dance floor was crowded, so everyone was there. A young black couple was actually dancing on us, and Lisa started rubbing her ass against a man. He started to turn to her, as she did, now they were dancing together, and his wife and I were dancing. Immediately, a slow song played, and we wrapped our arms around each other. During the dance, we moved to a place that was no longer in line with Lisa and her husband.

I wandered her hands over her body as we danced, but she didn’t care. And soon, I realized she wasn’t wearing panties under her dress. After dancing to two songs like this and kissing from time to time, the music speeded up again. After another song, we all sat out on the dance floor. The couple asked us to join them, but Lisa refused, saying, “maybe later.”

I left to go to the bathroom, and when I returned, I didn’t see Lisa anywhere. She thought she was in the ladies room, so she was waiting at the table. A few minutes later, a middle-aged white woman came and sat down with me. She asked if I wanted to dance, but I told her it was better to wait for her wife. Then she told me that Lisa was sitting at the table with her husband, and she pointed to the back of the club. We got up and walked back like that. Lisa was sitting on her husband’s lap. He was a black man about 55 years old. He wasn’t fat, but he had a little weight.

As I walked, I noticed him kissing behind Lisa’s neck. She tilted her head to one side to access him. His hands were also busy when he kissed her. His right hand was in the top of her dress, playing on her left chest. His left hand was between her thighs. Her legs were slightly apart, but his hands were all the way up to her crotch, but I didn’t know exactly what he was doing.

When Lisa saw me, she told me they asked her to join them. She said I took too long and someone “struck her”, and then she laughed. His wife and I sat down, and we all talked for a few minutes. Lisa was still on her lap, her wife’s hands were rubbing her feet, and it seemed that Lisa was enjoying feeling everything she offered! After we had stayed for a few minutes, Lisa set out to go to the women’s room.

The couple invited us to their house while she was gone. They lived just a few blocks away and wanted to have a party there. It was about 12:30 now, and the crowd was still fine. I thanked them for the offer, but they declined. When we left, I told them they had plans to take Lisa to an adult bookstore on the road. Then I went back to the table and ordered two more shots and two drinks.

After Lisa joined me and had a drink, we danced again. The usual friction and sensations of almost everyone near where you were dancing occurred. Then we decided to drink another drink and leave. I asked the waitress to have the doorman call a taxi while enjoying a drink. Just before the departure, the waitress came and pointed at the table, said, “The man over there said I should give this,” and looked around, and was a couple dancing together. Then the waitress leaned forward and put something in his shirt pocket.

Lisa went to the bathroom again before we left, so I pulled out a “gift” and found it to be Lisa’s panties! The man at the table smiled and waved at me, then stabbed his two fingers into his mouth. The waitress told me that our taxi was there, and we left when Lisa came out. I asked our taxi driver to run by our room. It wasn’t a hotel; it was an inn with a room outside. When we got there, I asked Lisa and me to wait a bit while I was inside. We went in, sucked the joints, shot the tequila, and then returned to the taxi. I asked the driver to take me from the club to the adult bookstore up the freeway.

Lisa was sitting in the middle, and I was behind the passenger seat while he was driving. I started making up with Lisa while I was driving, and I noticed that Cabby adjusted his mirror so he could see us better. When I kissed Lisa, I pulled her leg towards me. When I did, she spread her legs, and I reached out for her under her and started playing with her cat. I pulled up her dress, so her cat was clearly visible to the driver.

The bookstore was only about 5km away, but it took about 25 minutes to get there. We finally arrived, and when I asked the driver how much we had to pay, he said, “We should cover it for $ 10.00.” I paid him and had them call the company when we were ready to leave and then told him we would go inside.

Bookstores were typical in that they sold novelties and adult movies. Looking around a bit, Lisa got a lot of attention from the three or four guys who were there right after she entered. As they were following her, I walked to the counter and bought a token for her private video room. When I walked back, there were two guys on each side of her, all trying to talk to her. I moved when I walked.

I grabbed Lisa by hand and took her to her video booth. As she passed through the curtain, she noticed an adult movie being shown in a room with a big-screen TV, so she went inside. We were there for about a minute when the two guys came in and sat right behind us. A few minutes later, the woman working at the counter came back, and she said the couple wasn’t allowed, or she said she shouldn’t be in the theatre room, so we headed to the video booth. I walked.

The booths were lined up with curtains to protect privacy. When I entered the middle of the first row, I put a token in the slot and the movie was shown. There was a bench seat on the back wall large enough to seat a couple of people, so I sat down and watched the video. Just a minute after the flick, we started playing, I was playing with her boobs, and she was rubbing my crotch.

Lisa pulled away for a moment as people walked around and entered other booths and talked a bit.

I’ve been to the main area of ​​an adult bookstore, but this was her first adult bookstore video booth. She noticed a hole in the wall on one side of us and asked me what it was for. I told her to wait there, and I showed her. I walked around to the other side and walked to get into both of us, but there was someone inside. I walked around into the booth and told her to look through her hole. She did it and watched for a moment, and she told me there was a guy she was playing with himself! I laughed, and she saw me again and then looked back at me. As I stood, she looked back at me, sat me down, stood in front of me, and put my hand on her waist.

I immediately slipped them under her dress and started rubbing her ass, and she bent over and kissed me.

I raised her skirt over her ass and played with her cat while we were kissing. She could feel her very wet. I looked at the “hole of glory” and saw someone peeking through it. I stood up with Lisa’s ass and slowly brought her closer to her hole. We were facing the wall when I had both hands on her ass and felt someone’s hand passing through the hole. Lisa pointed her hand straight at the now very wet pussy. My one hand was near her cat, and the other was on her ass. The guy in the next room was putting her fingers in and out of the wet pussy, and I had her ass in her hands and pushed her hard against her wall.

Lisa stopped kissing me and leaned her head against the wall. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing very hard. Within a minute or two, I knew she was coming with a high-pitched whisper that she began to ring. I stepped back, took off my pants and pulled out my cock, and she leaned forward and started sucking me. She bites a little every few seconds, so I found her struggling to focus on my blowjob. A minute later, she stopped completely, pushed me back, leaned over her, and moaned, “Oh, that’s it! Damn it!” Then she stopped and bent over like that and stood there.

I sat and looked around. The man in the next booth was still rubbing the pussy. He had two fingers in her and one finger on her clitoris. Lisa finally got up and sat down beside me, turning her head against the wall. The movie had stopped long ago, so I put another token in the slot and started it again. As we sat there, we noticed the movement of the room with the glory hole, and a minute later, a very thick cock popped out of the hole.

She was unaware that Lisa was still turning her head back and closing her eyes. I stood up and picked up her hand, and moved it to the cook on top of him. She immediately opened her hand, wrapped it around her large flesh, and began stroking it. He was already very hard, and I wondered how long he would last. Lisa was facing him now and was still slowly stroking him. After a quick look, I whispered that I was going to pee. I left the curtain and left it a little open and went to the men’s room.

The curtain was completely closed when I returned. I made it easier to open and saw Lisa standing against the wall. She still had a hand on a big penis, but someone else was in the room with her. A pretty big black man stood behind her, her top was unravelled, and he had her hands on her boobs. She was grinding her hips towards him while hand jobing the man at the next booth. I sat beside her, reached out for her hand, took her arm, and turned her towards me.

Then I reached for her hand under her skirt and lifted it above her waist. The black man behind her had it behind her on her hips, and I leaned forward and started licking her cat. She came in just a few seconds and then almost collapsed on me. I stood up, looked back at her, and met her new friend. She was exhausted and wrapped her arm around her neck for her support; he put her hands on her butt and wrapped her arms around her waist.

I sat down and pulled her to my knees. The guy then put his jeans back and pulled our pretty long and pretty thick cock. It’s actually much bigger than mine. He grabbed Lisa’s face and pulled it into the cock, and the curtain opened, and someone came in. Looking around, it was a former taxi driver. His pants were already open, and he immediately pulled out his cock. Apparently, he was the one who was in the booth next to us. Lisa worked hard to give a blow job to our black friend, so she used her other hand to slam our taxi driver.

The black cock was too big to go long, so I finally got up and said, “I’m sorry … but I can’t get all here! I have to sleep.” Everyone groped, and the guys groped; Lisa was her top. I helped to get it back, but in the process, both of them caressed a lot. When we left, Lisa told the taxi driver, “We aren’t paying to go home!” She laughed. We all went to the taxi, Lisa sat between the black man and me, and the taxi driver saw him driving. I sat and watched while the black man kissed Lisa, caressed her, and touched her with her fingers. I also saw which route the driver took. While he was enjoying the show, he was about 10 miles out of the way.

When we got to the room, we all went out. I told them I was going to go in, drink beer and run-up to the room. I went in, got three glasses of beer, and looked out the window. The room was dark, so I could see three well. They had Lisa sandwiched between them. Her dress was pulled up over her waist again, and they were both working on her … front and rear. After a while, I took out the beer. When I came out, everyone was away and stood there drinking beer.

She said Lisa was going to pee. I was out with two new friends. I asked if they would both come in, but “No, I’m not a swinger. It’s hard to understand, but I want to play. It’s the first time Lisa has let go of this. Especially with strangers (she is me). I had sex with my best friend once, but that’s another story.) After I finished drinking beer, I told them good night and went inside. Lisa was already sleeping in bed.