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Following this, Ukai reminds his team of Nekoma and Date Tech’s utilization of learning blocking. When Takeda asks Ukai about Shiratorizawa’s blocking, Ukai explains that there shouldn’t be any school better at blocking than Date Tech. After Tsukishima blocks Ushijima, Takeda asks him if that changed due to a mistake Shirabu had completed. After this, he explains Washijō’s core ideology of the time of discovering the perfect gamers, and when he finds particularly good players like Ushijima, he makes sure that the rest of the crew stays out of how. To counter this, Ukai suggests not indicating that they’re intimidated. Their uniforms are bright yellow, inexperienced, white, and black. Nonetheless, his worries are explained when Tendō blocks Hinata’s quick without much problem.

Before that set begins, however, Ukai tells the Haikyuu merchandise crew to be aggressive and that he has confidence in them. In the second set’s remaining time-out, Ukai tells his workforce that they’ve acquired 5 sets to play for the sport, so it’d be a waste for the crew to consider it a slog to push through. As Karasuno is one level away from successful the second set, Ukai remarks that to win, teams will always want a massive burst of power to reach out and take the back-to-again factors needed. 3 Nevertheless, there is Kageyama, a second primary character, and Hinata was badly beaten before and vowed to get over him. Ukai then tells the team to get those points quickly, even if they are too tired to continue.

Like Shoyo Hinata, he has an excitable and constructive personality, so they get alongside effectively. Nonetheless, Tendō’s blocks aren’t like that, and he instead uses each read and hunches, so his guesses can doubtlessly be incorrect, but this might be an uncommon occurrence. We would like every product to be excellent, distinctive, and one all a kind that you would be able to find wheels hardly. Shortly after, Ukai noticed that Shiratorizawa aligned themselves to have no less than one middle blocker for each rotation, and he regrets now not having provided you with an anti-Ushijima plan. Because the match progresses, Ukai notices that Kamomedai’s blockers are getting ready for a stacked block. When Ukai explains devote blocking off to Takeda, ukai tells him of his observations that Tendō appears to want to block everybody by himself.